Craps (win32)



This program provides a GUI to configure system settings on the Openmoko mobile Linux platform.

I am maintaining a wiki page for this project.
It contians detailed Information about the usage, development and history of SettingsGUI.
Please have a look at http: //

  • Screen (Backlight enable/disable, Backlight brightness, Screen Orientation)
  • Audio (profile selection, volume, mute, save to profile)
  • GSM (restart gsmd, signal strength, provider, status)
  • GPRS (load and save settings from and to /etc/ppp/peers/, connect, set APN, User, Password, Number)
  • Bluetooth (enable/disable, set-up/monitor PAN connections, scan for peers)
I release this code free on behalf of the GPL.



This software was developed as part of my master thesis.
I wanted to gain some knowledge about the system configuration on the Openmoko platform.
Also the projects provides the example source code for the thesis text.



Version Download Release Focus Release Date
0.8 (current) settingsgui-0.8.tar.bz2 bluetooth settings, reorganized package structure ("settingsgui" python package included, startscript is named "settings" now) 2008-03-16
0.7b settingsgui-0.7b.tar.bz2 bugfix on GSM page, bug prevented detection of gsmd connection (emerged with libgsmd-tool update) 2007-10-02
0.7 settingsgui-0.7.tar.bz2 cleanups, using AT mode, distutils, ATDT -> ATD 2007-09-21
0.6 SettingsGUI-0.6.tar.gz audio settings (mute, save), gprs settings (all new) 2007-09-06
older Directory listing

To use this program you will need:
  • The Python Programming Language (Version 2.5 or later)
    Debian and Ubuntu users may use "apt-get install python2.5"
  • Although the programm was also testet on my Laptop, for most of its features you will need an Neo1973 Mobile Phone. Though you can adapt the SYSFS entries in the file
3D representation of simulated Switches
Screenshot of the GSM-Panel
For questions, help, suggestions, complaints, or just for fun - send an email.